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Here are what just a few clients had to say:

"A sincere thank you for seeing these fix ups to the end, I have heard horror stories from other people I know with builders that wouldn't fix things that needed fix, let alone see it almost two years down the line. I appreciate that!"
David A.
"They just completed our kitchen, so we signed them up for our screened porch. We have had a tremendously favorable experience with their knowledge and understanding of each aspect of our job. Most importantly, they communicate not only internally in their staff meetings, but it shows as they are prepared on-site. Note: the owner Eric is on-site 1-2x daily and his team everyday Monday-Friday. I would recommend them and feel they have our interests in the project for keeping our cost down (when the option presents itself) and quality high."
"Churchill has some of the most original and beautiful designs I have seen. I would highly recommend to anyone who is in the market to buy, build or renovate!"
Joshua A.
"The homes produced by Churchill Classics are absolutely stunning. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a custom home, tear-down, or remodel."
Ollie D.
"The superior craftsmanship put into each home makes Churchill Classics the go to when it comes to new construction in the area. As a realtor I walk through homes day in and day out. Churchill Classics immediately impressed me and I would highly recommend to anyone looking in the area!"
Shaye Z.
"Thanks to Eric and his team, we are so pleased with our new kitchen and porch! Everything was done in such a timely and efficient manner, with no quality being sacrificed. We would highly recommend Churchill Classics, LLC for any remodel job, no matter how big or small."
Kane Family
"Proud owner of a 20 year old custom built Churchill home!"
Laura B.
"Churchill Classics was extremely professional, attentive and creative. They paid attention to detail and have superior craftsmanship. Their design characteristics prove to be innovative and modern. Quality work all the way from start to finish."
David K.
"Truly impeccable quality & classically stylish. Fantastic architecture, construction everything! Hands on professional team!"
Mike S.
"Thanks again for the repairs! You guys made it easy. Working with Dwayne was great, and made it a painless experience."
Gil S.
"I have to say I am very impressed with underside roof and gutter system. Looks great and I am sure the new shed will keep the outdoor equipment safe and dry for years!"
"I've seen Churchill Classics work firsthand and can easily attest to how beautiful, detailed, and well done every inch of your home will"
Stephanie L.
"Every house I've seen has been unbelievable, from the finest brands used on renovations to their prime locations. Any type of look you are interested in, Churchill Classics can make it happen. I would certainly recommend them to any of my closest friends and family."
Ricky C.
"Beautiful, quality homes with a personal touch and a small builder relationship. Highly recommended. The new homes and remodels I've seen are some of the best."
Katie T.
"Great company ran by some great folks! Don't hesitate to call them for all your needs!"
David C.
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for getting the deck done! We really appreciate the thoughtfulness and quality work."
Sascha & Heidi